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Plugins in Go 1.8

This is a talk I gave at the Go 1.8 Release party at the Golang Paris Meetup. Source for the slides and the code is on Github (see below).

Get the demo and check out the source code

On Github:


Interesting feedback and unanswered questions

  • If plugins cannot be closed is there any confliting corner cases?

    • It turns out that yes, there can be. I got some “plugin already loaded” and “plugin already initialized” error when loading too plugins that were built with the same name… TODO: investigate more on this (results will be posted here).
    • plugin: plugin _/usr/src/pluginSrc/brightness already loaded fatal error: plugin: plugin already loaded
  • When are the plugins coming to Windows?

    • One of the promise of Go is that it runs the same of a large variety of OS and processors, plugins should therefore be ported to Windows. I did not found talks about this, if I do, I’ll post it here.

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Draft: Backup & Distributed File System

The Existing

A great summary of existing tools and libraries for backup:


Go. Great (CLI) UI but really specialized in backup. This does not provide any global file indexing or distribution of storage amongst several devices.


Python, with error correction


Complete solution for file organization, written in Go, heavily followed (1,700+ stars)

Seems a bit more complicated than it should, also, the Web UI is not bug-proof and the command line does not seem to be designed the best way.


Library for rsync-style synchro. Might be interesting if writting my own project in Go.

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